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    10 Lines of VoIP + Cellular Back-up Only $179 /month
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Never Miss an Order with Arria NuSutus VoIP + Cellular Back-Up

Includes 10 lines, user friendly features, and crystal clear quality your staff will love!

Arria NuSutus Cellular Back-up automatically and seamlessly engages to ensure critical business functions remain intact so your orders keep moving out the door!

“The backups worked every time. I’m telling you that you should have this solution protect your business. Thank you to NuSutus for coming up with a solution.” -Greg Keller, Franchisee


Get 10 Lines of VoIP & Cellular Back-up for Only $179/month


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Why Choose Cellular Back-Up?

The Arria NuSutus “Select” Cellular Back-Up
system includes:

• Cradlepoint IBR-650C 4G LTE cellular router

• Automatic interruption detection

• Always-on internet connectivity

• Secure & seamless integration

• Low profile rugged design

• Plug n Play with easy installation mounts

• Arria NuSutus Customer Care support

Why Choose Arria NuSutus VoIP?

The Arria NuSutus “Select” VoIP System Features:

• 10 concurrent lines

• Crisp, clear, high-definition call quality

• Powerful VoIP exclusive features

• Plus, all the standard calling features

• Lower installation and maintenance cost

• Integration with Arria NuSutus Suite of Solutions

• Porting existing phone number

• Competitive pricing

“We were losing a couple thousand dollars an hour in sales and our competitors are benefiting…and given the fact that 70 percent of our orders are online based and given the fact that 70 percent of our customers pay with credit cards, we can’t afford to lose our internet anymore. Our stores are feeling such an overwhelming amount of pressure because they don’t have Internet, they don’t have their system… and now whatever happens, we’re good thanks to NuSutus Cellular Back-Up” – Dave Randall, Operating Partner, Team Honey Badger

Trusted in Over 4000 Locations with 85,000,000 Customer Interactions

Our Customer Care team understands the busy QSR environments and requirements. We have installed thousands of systems… so we know what works and what doesn’t. All of our Arria NuSutus “Select” solutions are fully tested for compatibility prior to installation for a seamless out of the box experience.

Talk to a Team Member Today!
Sales@nusutus.com or Call 1-855-211-1301 Opt.2

Offer Available for a Limited Time!

* On any three year term with an existing installed Arria NuSutus system. Available for a limited time. Taxes, fees, and surcharges may apply. Not to be combined with any other offer.

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