Together, Let’s Crush the Rush!

Hear what Dan Hosseini (pictured) Emily Elwell, Pat Farmer and Shane Casey have to say about Live Agent, our dynamic call center solution.

Mike Rompel and other Franchisees explain how the nusutus+ telecom ecosystem brings cutting edge technology to the oldest part of the business.

Greg Keller and Team Seattle talk about the peace of mind they get with with cellular backup.

“nusutus+ evolved with us. We met with their scientists. We met their research people. They listened and came back to us and said here’s what we can do. It was amazing. Even more sales came into the restaurant, and we kept finding new ways to grow and they became a partner with us”.

Shane Casey
Domino’s Franchisee Association Chairman
North County Pizza

Crush the Rush with nusutus+

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