Make Life Easier with AiVA

Meet AiVA, our new Artificial Intelligence Virtual Agent – a new Voice Ai that immediately engages with your customer when they call your store. AiVA can intake customer details and automatically help with many non-order questions or requests, like delivery updates and location details, freeing up your team members to take care of the rush.

Listen to AiVA Answer a Customer Call

Instantly Reduce Non Order Calls to Your Store

The Voice Ai dynamically asks the customer a
series of questions, which helps us understand the
customer’s intent. This info is passed on to the Live
Agent when the customer is ready to order, helping
to create the best experience possible.

AiVA Helps Customers with:

  • Pizza Tracker updates
  • Sharing store hours
  • Providing order and customer details
  • Carryout, delivery and address
  • Warm transfers with details to Live Agent

Understand Why Your Customer is Calling

AiVA helps collect a wealth of data, including call intent insights, which can help streamline and improve the customer experience. AiVA is currently in English with other languages planned for the future.

Coming Soon

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