Crush the Rush with Ping Agent

Because Ping Agents don’t have to worry about pizza production, they can focus on order taking and creating the perfect meal for you
and your customers – whether that’s upselling to increase average ticket or customizing the order so the customer gets exactly what they want.

Game-changing technology powered by Arria NLG AI and built in partnership with QSR Franchisees.

Listen to Real Calls

Hear Ping Agents in action with real customers on real calls.

Remove the Distraction of the Phone

It All Starts with the Data

Ping Agents use data to help create the perfect meal for your customers by suggesting relevant upsells and providing a hyper-personalized experience.

How It Works

Customer calls get routed to Ping Agent where your customers are greeted within 2 rings.  Ping Agent places the order directly into your store using OLO: local offers, upsells and special events are understood and managed the way you want your customers serviced, offering that personalized experience.


Ping Agents are continuously trained via a Learning Management System that was created to share Domino’s values, culture and customer service standards.

Discover the Power of Ping Agent

No missed or dropped call

Upselling on every call

Seamless OLO integration

Agent performance incentive

Scalable workforce

Helps with labor shortage

Continuous training of agents

Crush the Rush with Ping Agent 

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