Thank you for choosing Ping Agent Live. We’re excited to bring this dynamic, call-center solution to your stores
and want to ensure that you have a great onboarding experience. If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to us at

To complete the Ping Agent onboarding process, please follow these 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Learn About Ping Agent

Find out how Ping Agent works and how it can help you Crush the Rush.

1.1 Discover Ping Agent

Watch this product video to understand how Ping Agent works and how it can help you by:

  • Taking calls out of the store
  • Freeing up team members
  • Ensuring that all calls are AOT
  • Having trained and incentivized Ping Agents to upsell and increase our average ticket

1.2 How Does Ping Agent Work?

Watch call flow video to understand how Ping Agent routes calls out of the store and place an order on Domino’s OLO.

1.3 Training

With Ping Agent, both AI and live agents are continuously trained to ensure the best possible experience for your customers.

  • For live agents, a Learning Management System was created specifically for Domino’s to share Domino’s values, culture and customer service standards.
  • For AI agents, ongoing feedback is incorporated and added to the AI logic to better serve Domino’s customers.

1.4 Star Ratings and Performance Based Compensation for Live Agents

Live agents are reviewed through a Star Rating System and are compensated based on performance with the best agents, being given priority scheduling during peak hours of operation.

Step 2: Read the FAQs

Download and Share the FAQ Document With Your Team Members

Please read through some helpful FAQs from Franchisees and team members who have already been onboarded, so you know what to expect during the rollout of Ping Agent to your store.

2.1 Helpful Hints and FAQs

What’s happening?

Shortly, your store will be supported by a team of customer service agents (Ping Live Agents). These agents will be taking orders using the Domino’s website.

Why is this happening?

Having your incoming calls answered by a Ping Live Agent means your phone will ring less enabling you to have more time to go about your in-store tasks, make great food and deliver a better in-store customer experience.

How does it work?

When a customer dials your store number the call will be transferred to Ping Live Agents.  Your customer will be greeted first with “Thank you for calling Dominos, if you are calling to place an order, please press 1.  If you are calling about an existing order, please press 2.  Within 2 rings a trained agent that represents your store will help your customer place their order using the Domino’s website.

How will the customer pay for their order?

Customers paying with Visa, Mastercard, American Express or a debit card will be asked to key the card number and security code into a payment capture tool. The Ping Live Agent will only ask for the billing zip code and expiration date.

If a customer wishes to pay with cash or with credit card at delivery or pick-up, the agent will follow the conditions your store indicates on

Will the phone in the store still ring?

Yes – Customers may press 2 to speak with in-store personnel about an existing order. In addition, if the customer needs to speak with the store based on something that comes up during the ordering process, the Ping Live Agent can transfer the customer back to the store for you to manage.

What types of calls will the store receive?

Most calls that a Domino’s store normally receives can be classified as a new food order or something else. Your store will still receive all the something else calls which can vary from an existing order modification to a customer complaint or compliment.

Will caller ID information display on the in-store phone system?

YES – Most times your system will show you the same customer profile information you’re used to seeing. (If it is available to the Ping Live Agent then it should be available to you).

Our drivers need to speak to the store directly and quickly, how will that be managed?

Your manager has been given a special direct dial number that can be given to your delivery drivers, as required.

What if the phone system fails?

Monitoring systems and your current systems escalation processes are in place.

If for any reason the system fails, your store can start receiving all inbound calls directly and quickly until the fault can be diagnosed and repaired.

What if a customer has a complaint about their order?

Your store should continue to manage complaints as they have in the past.  If you deem this is an issue with something the Ping Live Agent may have contributed to please send a message to:

  • Subject: Ping Live Agent.
  • Provide the phone number the customer called from, day, and approximate time.

Our team will review the call recording and respond within 48 hours.

Is it still important to answer the phone quickly in-store?

YES – Even more so than before, as the phone will ring with scenarios that couldn’t be dealt with in the call center and your customers will need your full skill set to problem solve, resolve queries and provide great service.

You may feel like you’re only receiving problem solving calls, but this is to be expected, as these calls were always part of your normal call flow but, now the straightforward ordering calls are being handled externally.

Step 3: Fill Out the Store In-Take Form

1.1 What Type of Questions Are Being Asked?

This is a critical step in the onboarding process and is required so that Ping Agents can serve your customers better. The In-Take form will ask questions such as:

  • Are there any store location landmarks for customers picking up takeout
  • What are your top 4, local coupon offers so that Ping Agents can upsell and increase your average ticket
  • Do you have any special, repeat customers such as fundraisers and schools
  • Is your website up to date as Ping Agents refer to it for store hours, coupons, location

1.2 How to fill out the Store In-Take Form.

There are two ways to fill out Store in-Take Form.

To submit the in-take from for a single store, please click on the button below to go to the online form.

If you are using the multi-store template, please email the completed excel document to

Step 4: Sign Up for Email Updates

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To receive support and product updates for Ping Agent, please click the button below and sign up for our email list.

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