A Dynamic Call Center Solution
Built Specifically for Domino’s

The Power of Ping Agent

  • Every call answered, open to close
  • Flat fee pricing
  • 100% AOT
  • Only Ping Agent is connected to a customer’s Domino’s data
  • Personalized experience
  • Branded, continuous training

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Crush the Rush with Ping Agent

Ping Agent uses AI agents and data powered live agents to take calls out of the store and ensure that
 100% of calls are answered within 2 rings. This allows your team members to focus on making pizzas
 and handling in-store customers.

How It Works

Customer calls get routed to Ping Agent where the call will be answered within 2 rings by an AI or live
agent. If the customer specifically needs to speak to a live, Domino’s team member at the store, the call
is redirected with a warm hand off back to the store. Ping Agent then places the order directly to
the store via OLO and ensures PCI compliance. The AI and live agents understand your customer’s location,
order history, coupon offers, local weather and special events, which allow them to provide relevant
upsell suggestions and a personalized customer experience.

A Personalized Call Experience
Starts with the Data

Ping Agents have instant access to the Ping Database, which has access to a customer’s Domino’s order
history, relevant coupon offers, local weather and other variables. This allows them to make
personalized upsell suggestions and to provide an exceptional customer experience. Just like before,
when you knew every customer by name and what they loved.


With Ping Agent, both AI and live agents are continuously trained to ensure the best possible experience for your customers. For live agents, a Learning Management System was created specifically for Domino’s to share Domino’s values, culture and customer service standards. For AI agents, ongoing feedback is incorporated and added to the AI logic to better serve Domino’s customers.

Star Ratings and Performance Based
Compensation for Live Agents

Live agents are reviewed through a Star Rating System and are compensated based on performance
with the best agents, being given priority scheduling during peak hours of operation