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Kerri Saunders talks Nusutus

Shane Casey discusses the next generation of customer service

“If I’m going to spend half a millions dollars trying to get my phone to ring then it would be insane to not take the call.” -Kerri Saunders

“When AOT is low it means the customer is trying to get into the store and they aren’t able to do that, we’re losing sales.”

Kerry Saunders is a Domino’s franchisee with 23 stores across South Carolina. Read More…

Kerry has been a part of the Domino’s family for over 22 years starting out as a pizza maker at the age of 15. She went on to manage over 100 corporate stores in Australia before moving to the U.K. as the Operations Director of over 130 Franchisees and 800 stores. “When I was there watching the Franchisees make the money they do, it started to get me really excited!” Kerry decided with her husband to move to the U.S. choosing sunny South Carolina to purchase their stores, since taking over sales have gone up 20%. Nusutus is installed in many of Kerry’s stores and she continues to roll it out, “If I’m going to spend half a millions dollars trying to get my phone to ring then it would be insane to not take the call.” With Nusutus along with the managers she can gain insight into all of her locations detailed logs and AOT rates, “Every morning when I wake up there’s a report waiting for me.” Even without being at every store physically Kerry is still dialed into the daily operations. “Nusutus has been a great partner; any technical issues get handled right away. Training was super easy and the team members learned really quickly.”

Shane Casey is a Southern California Domino’s franchisee. Read More…

Domino’s is a global company with over 11 000 stores world wide, “It’s the same in every single country, the foundation of the way that we talk to our customers, almost always we start the order of a new customer on the phone.” “ I don’t care if you’re over in Japan or down in Australia, every store I get to visit is talking about how you get to answer the phone quickly, how do you do it successfully, how do you do it great?” “We’ve really been working hard to bring in technology into the oldest part of our business.” “Making sure we’ve got that technology to harness all the different aspects of the process, starting with what we call AOT.” “Foundationally we want to make sure every single customer gets answered in the first or second ring.” “Now I never put you on hold, because I’m engaged with you, I’m going to finish your meal and do it within 3 minutes.”

Team USA, Dan Hosseini, Jason Shifflett, Mike Rompel, Shane Casey discuss how they implement NuSutus

RPM explores the Ultimate Question and long term sustainable growth through repeat business

“These guys are on, they do a fantastic job, they are great problem solvers and they are there as a partner to resolve your issues.”-Dan Hosseini, Franchisee Southern California 

“For phone orders Sutus is giving us this window into the things that drive the Ultimate Questions scores.” Tom Holliday, Domino’s Franchisee

Franchisee’s discuss how they implement Nusutus software and why it works for them.

The top Domino’s franchisees use Nusutus in order to  more effectively run their stores, in this video they discuss how and why they use our phone technology. “I think in this business to stay ahead you’ve got to continue to be innovative.”- Jason Shifflett, Franchisee Memphis Tenesee

With our system we give you the ability to cater to customers at different times of the day and week. We act as a partner in your business and are here to help you resolve your issues.

Explore the value of the Ultimate Question and how RPM applies this to phone orders. Read More…

The groundbreaking book by business man and author Fred Reichaheld asks the “Ultimate Question”: Would your customers recommend you to a friend? If so then they are promoting your business. An honest unsolicited “yes” dramatically impacts sales. With Domino’s Frachisees receive ultimate question scores, this data measures whether or not their customers are referring Domino’s to friends, however it only measures online orders and most Domino’s customers still prefer to place their orders through the phone. For phone orders Sutus provides a window into the things that drive The Ultimate Question scores.

Tricks of the trade with Mike Rompel 

Mike Rompel- Domino’s Franchisee Read More…

When Mike Rompel moved to Mililani to take over his first location in Hawaii his restaurant was losing roughly $5000 per month. Using solid marketing and cutting edge technology Mike now runs one of highest sales Domino’s locations. Mike and his team use Nusutus to identify missed opportunities

Dan Hosseini and Ommid Ferdows Introduce AOT 

What is AOT and why does it matter? Read More…

AOT represents the number of calls that have been answered on time. This means zero hold time and answered in two rings; capturing the customer’s order before they have a chance to change their mind. Increased AOT rates have been proven to have a direct correlation to an increase in sales.

Camp Pendleton: Where Franchisee Shane Casey trains his Team Members

How Shane Casey trains his team members… Read More…

Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base Camp is located in Southern California and houses over 40 000 marines who come to train and get ready for the military. The Domino’s location on base is also where 70 of Shane Casey’s team members come to get trained. With Nusutus solutions Shane and his supervisors can physically be live coaching trainees during a call, this ensures good order taking habits right off the bat.

DFA 2013 User Forum Highlights 

Franchisee’s discuss the benefits of incorporating technology into their restaurants. Read More…

At Domino’s National Meeting Franchisees from around the United States gather for training and idea sharing. We created this video during the 2013 Las Vegas convention, watch as the franchisees gatherer to speak candidly about the technologies they utilize in order to run their businesses more efficiently.

“I mean really all someone wants to do is they want to call up they don’t want to be hassled, and they don’t want to be rushed, and if we provide an environment where we can train our team easier and quicker then we’re able to do that. It becomes less about price, more about convenience, more about friendliness, and I think thats got to be the next chapter in Domino’s Pizza. -Glenn Mueller, RPM Pizza