Let’s Get Started

Please review and share this Quick Start Guide with your team members.

It’s a light, 15 minute read that outlines all the things you need to know for the successful rollout of Ping Agent to your stores.

The Quick Start Guide will cover:

  1. What is Ping Agent?
  2. What to Expect During the Rollout?
  3. Rollout Checklist
  4. Fast Facts
  5. Top FAQs
  6. Reporting Dashboard Set-Up

We’re Here to Help

The Support team is committed to ensuring the best possible Ping Agent experience for you and your customers. Every request is important to us as it helps improve our service.  

Questions or Concerns

If there is an issue with a Ping Agent call or agent, please email support@nusutus.com with the subject line: Ping Agent/ Store # and the following details:

Customer Phone Number
Order Number
Store Number
And Relevant Details.

You can also call Support at at 1 855 211 1301 (Option 2).

Customer Support Poster

Let your team members know who to contact in case any questions or issues arise.

Get Up to Speed Fast

See How the Ping Agent Call Flow Works

Learn how Ping Agent takes calls out of the store, upsells every time and uses OLO to create the perfect meal for your customer.

Watch and Follow Along on a Live Call

Watch a human Ping Agent take a live call and place the order using an OLO interface on their desktop computer.

Hear What Franchisees Have to Say

Listen to how Ping Agent has increased their profitability and created a better in-store experience for Franchisees.

Unlock Insights with Daily Call Reporting

The Ping Agent Dashboard tracks KPI’s such as orders placed, total order value, average ticket and more.

Sign Up for Ping Agent
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Let’s Crush the Rush!

    Together, Let’s Crush the Rush.

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