VoIP, Voice Over Internet Protocol, is a phone service provided through the Internet. All that is required is a reasonable quality Internet connection.

Embrace the future of telephone technology with VoIP (Voice over IP) telephony systems from Nusutus. Enjoy rigorous connection speeds, faster call handling, incredibly clear high definition voice communication, and a host of other powerful features unavailable from an analogue voice connection.

Vastly improve your customer service experience while enabling your CSRs to process orders and satisfy visitors with incredible efficiency. Empower yourself with a VoIP phone system that will enable you and your team to process orders with an unmatched level of agility. Distance yourself from the maintenance-intensive nightmare of an analogue phone system and embrace the powerful features of VoIP today.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Substantial cost savings as at least 10 concurrent lines are possible at one set cost.
  • Eliminates issues associated with analogue (landline) phones such as bad wiring which can cause many phone lines going down at the same time and take hours to resolve by on-site technicians; call quality problems; caller ID not working on multiple phones and problems with hunt groups.
  • Ease of repair as troubleshooting can be done remotely and quickly. The majority of the time it is readily known what caused the issue as calls are fully logged.
  • With a backup Internet solution, your critical store operations can remain up and operational 24/7 in the event that your wired Internet goes down.

Discover a new, improved way to communicate with the incredibly powerful NuSutus VolP telephone system.

  • Crisp, clear, high-definition call quality unavailable thorough standard analog connections
  • All standard features of analogue calling – call waiting, forwarding, 3-way calling, and more Powerful VoIP-exclusive features such as voicemail-to-email, monitoring, recording, and more
  • Improved phone communication experience for CSRs and customers alike
  • Decreased cost due to reduced maintenance requirements vs traditional phone system
  • Integrate with existing systems & preserve all features after switching over

Never Miss a Call with VoIP

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