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Ping is an advanced AI software that stays one step ahead of the competition, and empowers your managers with what they need to know, before they need to know it!

Ping intelligently analyzes data

Writes easy-to-understand recommendations

Sends alerts to your manager’s mobile device!

Analyze and Predict at Machine Speed!

Ping QSR AI is connected to and interacts with the Ping Database – the most advanced NLG centric QSR database in the world… to deliver predictive and course corrective actions!

An Analyst on Demand in the Palm of Your hand!

Ping communicates in a language your team understands

Synchronized across your entire organization

Forward looking & predictive

No further explanation needed

Ping QSR AI Features

Enterprise Level Solutions for the Franchisee

  • Written Reports
  • Configurability by Franchisee
  • Unlimited store locations
  • Alerts & Actions Manager
  • KPI tracking & reporting
  • Automated AOT/TLO reporting
  • Workflow automation
  • Daily activity tracking

Watch Ping in Action!

Technology Solutions Built for Franchisees, in Partnership with Franchisees

Ping Digitizes Generations of Experience

“Whether you’re the GM of the restaurant or the owner looking back at the organization… we’re synchronized in what we’re going to do!”

“Let’s get predictive.”

Shane Casey, Franchisee and DFA Board Chairman

The Technology

All day, every day, Ping leverages Arria NLG Technology, a form of artificial intelligence, that transforms structured data into actionable insights. Through data analysis, knowledge automation, language generation and tailored information delivery, Ping software replicates the QSR franchisee process of expertly analyzing and communicating data insights at machine speed.

“Arria NLG is a World Leader in natural language generation.  Natural language generation and artificial intelligence will be a standard feature of 90% of modern BI and analytics platforms.  Whereas visual data discovery made analytics easier for business analysts, the focus of augmented analytics is making it easier for business consumers to get answers.”

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“Predictive Insights for the Next Generation.”

Transform your business!

Capture more profits!

Jump light years ahead of the competition!

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