Ping Agent
Product Info

Discover the Benefits of Ping Agent

Watch this product video to understand how Ping Agent works and how it can help you by:

  • Taking calls out of the store
  • Freeing up team members
  • Ensuring that all calls are AOT
  • Increasing average ticket
  • Upselling on every call

How Does It Work?

Watch the call flow video on the right to understand how Ping Agent routes calls out of the store and place an order on Domino’s OLO.

Agent Training

With Ping Agent, both AI and live agents are continuously trained to ensure the best possible experience for your customers. For live agents, a 10 -Step Learning Management System was designed specifically for Domino’s in order to ensure that your values, culture and customer service standards are being met. The online training course covers:

  1. Introduction and Security
  2. Culture
  3. Signing In and Out
  4. Opening the Call
  5. Call Transfers
  6. Coupons
  7. Menu Knowledge
  8. Upsell and Thoughtful Recommendations
  9. Readback and Estimated Wait Time
  10. Taking the Payment and Thanking the Customer

Listen to Real Calls

Live agents are reviewed through a Star Rating System and are compensated based on performance with the best agents, being given priority scheduling during peak hours of operation.