Arria NuSutus Suite of Business Solutions

Our business solutions are powered by Ping, an artificial intelligence engine
designed to think like an expert Domino’s Franchisee.

Find out how our dynamic lineup of business tools will help you streamline your operations, 
grow your bottom line and empower your team members.

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Introducing Ping Agent and Ping Analyst

Ping Agent and Analyst are powered by Ping – an artificial intelligence engine designed to think like an expert Domino’s Franchisee.

Ping combines decades of Domino’s Franchisee expertise
and ongoing machine learning to create one of the most powerful AI engines in the world.
At the forefront of this technology is Ping’s Natural Language Generation (NLG) technology,
which analyzes complex operational data in nanoseconds.

Ping Analyst

An Analyst in the Palm of Your Hand

Game Changing Reporting and Analytics

Ping Analyst is an AI-NLG centric powered business tool that lest managers know what they need to know, before they need to know it. These coaching insights are provided in small, digestible bites, using Domino’s language, so that any team member can understand an action it.

Predictive Insights and Proactive Solutions

Not only does Ping Analyst, analyze your store data and sales trends, but it also forecasts your future performance. This allows Ping Analyst to provided predictive insights into your business and if things are not trending in the right direction, it will suggest proactive solutions to help your team get back on track.

The Benefits of Ping Analyst

  • Daily manager bonus reporting
  • Tracks and reports KPI’s in real-time
  • 7-Day Tracker
  • Manages actions and alerts
  • Delivers AOT and Ping Agent Reporting
  • Improves labor and food efficiency
  • Provides coupon management
  • Correlates multiple databases
  • Manages any number of stores
  • Configurable by client
  • Synchronizes all management levels of an organization

Ping Agent

A Dynamic, Call Center Solution

All Calls Are Answered Within 2 Rings

Ping Agent uses data powered AI and live agents to take calls out of the store and ensures that calls are answered within two rings. This allows your team members to focus on what matters most – making delicious pizzas and delivering an amazing customer experience.

Personalized Call Experience

Ping agents are able to connect a customer to their historical Domino’s data. This gives them instant access to order history, relevant coupon offers, local weather and other data, which allows them to provide a personalized and exceptional customer experience.

The Benefits of Ping Agent

  • No missed or dropped calls
  • Upselling on every call
  • Seamless OLO integration
  • Best live agents are prioritized
  • Agent performance incentives
  • Scalable workforce
  • Helps with labor shortages
  • Continuous training of agents

Experience the Power of Ping

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