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Ping Agent is the
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Franchisee Testimonials

Hear what your fellow Domino’s Franchisees have to say about Ping Agent.

  • Pat Farmer, Legacy Pizza
  • Shane Casey, North County Pizza & DFA Chairman
  • Emily Elwell, D & E Pizza
  • Dan Hosseini, SoCal Pizza

Watch Ping Agent in Action

Follow Along On A Live Call

Watch this video for an overview of what a Ping Agent sees on their computer desktop while taking an order.

Follow Along On A Live Spanish Call

Watch this video for an overview of what Ping Agent in Spanish looks like.

Listen to Real Calls

Ping Agents in Action

Listen to live Ping Agent customer calls by clicking on the button to the right. Because Ping Agents don’t have to worry about pizza production, they can focus on order taking and creating the perfect meal for you and your customers – whether that’s upselling or customizing the order so the customer gets exactly what they want.

Automatic Call Distribution

A new enhancement to Ping Agent, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) means that a customer that has placed an order within the last hour will receive an automatic upfront order status when they call the store again, as this is most likely what they are calling about. If they continue to hold the line, they will be transferred directly to the store.

Unlock Powerful Insights and Trends
with Ping Analyst

It All Starts With Data

Just log in, and with the simple click of a button, you’ll have access to all your stores’ Ping Agent reporting. KPIs tracked include: orders placed, total order value, average ticket, coupon mix, carryout versus delivery mix, and more.

The Path to Profitability

Managing Your Profit

Watch this video for an overview of the coupon analysis functionality that will be available in the near future to help you manage your bottom line better than ever before.

Explore the Onboarding Process

Training and Product Knowledge Resources

To help onboard Ping Agent, we have created an onboarding portal to help get Ping Agent set up in your stores, as quickly and smoothly as possible. The portal is also a great resource for product videos and FAQs, which you can share with your team members so they know what to expect during the rollout.

If you’re interested in seeing the onboarding portal, please reach out to us at and we’d be happy to show you.

One Partner for All Your Solutions

One-Stop Shop for Product and Support

Having all your business solutions with one partner like Arria NuSutus, means that you only have to contact one Sales team if you are looking for an integrated, end to end solution or one Support department if you are having an issue.

In fact, Support is actually easier if you have all your services with one partner, because we are already familiar with all the integrations and can trouble-shooting more effectively and quickly.

Crush the Rush with Ping

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