Backup Cellular Service

Operational continuity of online orders, credit card processing, email, and voice over IP (VoIP) phone calls is ensured with our Backup Cellular Service. A Cradlepoint cellular router is configured to provide cellular failover Internet service in the event the wired Internet service of a business fails. The accompanying Cradlepoint Enterprise Cloud Management license with unlimited user access allows remote configuration changes on demand and provides real-time alerts for data usage and loss of connection.


Number: 1-855-211-1301 Opt.2


Mon-Fri (Open): 6AM – 5PM PST
Mon-Fri (Emergency Coverage): 5PM -9 PM PST
Sat-Sun or Dual Stat Holidays (Emergency Coverage): 8am-8pm PST

After Hours: A voicemail inbox is monitored by our support team outside regular business hours to provide assistance during major outages. All other voicemails will be returned the next business day.

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